WWF Panda Plush - 10cm

WWF Panda Plush - 10cm

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This peaceful creature has a special significance for WWF as the official mascot and logo since our founding in 1961. Some examples of our efforts to help the giant panda include: increasing the areas of panda habitat under legal protection, creating green corridors to link isolated pandas, and protecting them against poaching, illegal logging, and encroachment. By purchasing a WWF Plush toy, a contribution is made to WWF ‰ÛÒ See the rest of our cuddly Plush Toy Collection!

Made to the Blue Angel Standard ‰ÛÒ the highest certification for soft toys looking for benefits to health and the environment
Tested for pollutants, safety and social aspects of raw material extraction and the end product
Suitable for all ages/no moving parts

Height: 10 cm