Orangutan Plush - 23cm


Over the past 60 years, the orangutan population in Borneo has declined by more than 50% and their habitats have shrunk by at least 55% in the last two decades. Very often, baby orangutans are separated from their mothers and traded in the wildlife market. Our goal is to secure a future for Bornean orangutans. With your help, WWF focuses on restoring their habitats, addressing wildlife crime, and reducing human-orangutan conflict. By purchasing a WWF Plush toy, a contribution is made to WWF – See the rest of our cuddly Plush Toy Collection!
- Made to the Blue Angel Standard – the highest certification for soft toys looking for benefits to health and the environment
- Tested for pollutants, safety and social aspects of raw material extraction and the end product
- Suitable for all ages/no moving parts