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Lesser Mousedeer Plush - 23cm
Lesser Mousedeer Plush - 23cm

Lesser Mousedeer Plush - 23cm

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Take a piece of Into the Wild back home with you! Held at the Art Science Museum, Into The Wild is an immersive virtual adventure that allows people to step into the shoes of a ranger in a Southeast Asian rainforest – a fun way for people of all ages to participate in conservation. Featuring one of the species found in the Asian rainforest, Lesser Mousedeer used to be commonly found in Singapore. However, they have largely disappeared today and can only be observed occasionally in forests in Bukit Timah and the Central Catchment Nature Reserve. By purchasing a WWF Plush toy, a contribution is made to WWF – See the rest of our cuddly Plush Toy Collection!
- Suitable for all ages/no moving parts