What is Reusable E-Commerce Packaging ?

Currently, around 200,000 parcels are shipped daily in Singapore, and this number is set to grow. 


Further accelerated by Covid-19, the sector is projected to grow by nearly 50% by 2025. But packaging required for e-commerce delivery is not environmentally friendly and the waste it creates is likely to increase in the next few years. E-commerce packaging compounds Singapore’s waste problem as it contributes to about 2–3% of overall household packaging waste currently, a figure that could double by 2025.


A possible solution is using reusable packaging, which can be collected from customers and used repeatedly to prevent landfill waste. For reusable e-commerce packaging to be environmentally sustainable, it must be reused a number of times. Customers play a pivotal role in making this a reality. Every time you return a reusable packaging, you are avoiding the use of new resources for the manufacturing of single-use packaging, thus saving up to 2 kg of CO2 for each kilogram of virgin material. This is equivalent to what one tree would absorb in a month!


Tips on how to care for your packaging :

How to Return 

  • SingPost
    • A paid-for return address will be included in the reusable packaging
    • After taking out your items, remove the original address label(s), if possible. Fold the reusable packaging and paste the return address on the reusable packaging such that the packaging stays folded
    • Drop the packaging at any SingPost post box near your place and that’s it



For further information

Please visit https://plastic-action.asia/transforming-ecommerce for more information on the pilot & https://shop.wwf.sg/pages/reusable-packaging-swop-faq for more FAQ on our reusable E-commerce packaging.