Due to our year-end office closure, any orders made from 15 December 2022 will only be delivered in January 2023. Thank you for your support.

Reusable E-Commerce Packaging FAQ

Why is e-commerce packaging waste an issue ?
E-commerce in Singapore is booming, with over 200,000 e-commerce parcels delivered daily in the country. With e-commerce, additional packaging is required to transport your goods. It is estimated that 45% of carbon impact in e-commerce comes from packaging. With the growth in e-commerce in our small island, it is important to explore alternatives to more sustainable packaging systems such as reusable packaging.
What is the reusable packaging program about ?
To show the scalability of reusable packaging in Singapore, we are partnering WWF-Singapore in this Reusable E-commerce Packaging Pilot Program by delivering your purchases in reusable packaging. Results of the pilot trial will be shared upon completion. Find out more about the pilot here: https://plastic-action.asia/transforming-ecommerce/
What impact do I make when I opt-in for reusable packaging and is it important that I return the packaging?
Every time you return the reusable packaging, you are avoiding the use of new resources for the manufacturing of single-use packaging. For every kilogram of virgin plastic that you avoid, you prevent 2 kilograms of carbon dioxide from being emitted. That is equivalent to what one tree will absorb in a month!

To make sure reusable packaging works, it is important that customers return them so that they can continue to be circulated. We hope you will support us in doing your part in making this new system work.
Tell me more about the reusable packaging
Finally.. A super Sustainable Way of Posting! The reusable packaging we are using is called SWOP, and it can be reused many times for delivering parcels and is made from totally natural, renewable materials - FSC paper, organic cotton, soy-base inks and a plant-derived coating

I am interested. How can I be part of this?
When you shop at our web store, opt-in for the option for reusable packaging.
Do note that some items or order may not fit our current reusable packaging. In such instance, your order will not be delivered in reusable packaging even if you have opted in for them.
What do I do when I receive my order?
When you receive your order, start by removing the shipping label. Next, open the packaging by tearing open the velcro strip. As the packaging is meant to be reused, do not use scissors to cut or open your parcel.
How do I return the packaging?
Mail it back to us for free :
(a) Look for the return sticker label that is enclosed in your reusable packaging.
(b) Order Number will be written onto the return sticker label. 
(c) Fold the reusable packaging to envelop size and stick the sticker label as follows:
(d) Drop it off at your nearest P.O. box (https://www.singpost.com/locate-us), and off it goes!

The reusable packaging looks old, should I be concerned?

Wears on the reusable packaging is a good indication that it has gone through multiple deliveries - this is what we aim for! Damaged packaging that are torn or not fit for use will be eliminated from the system to ensure that your products are delivered securely to you.

This gives you an indication of how the reusable packaging will look over time:



centered image


How do I ensure that my reusable packaging is in good condition?
Do not use scissors to cut open this parcel.
Do not keep personal items in them before returning, especially food.
Do not wash or soak it.
Do not fill it with items weighing a total of more than 5kg.
Do return it promptly once you have the opportunity.