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The WWF Cookbook
The WWF Cookbook

The WWF Cookbook

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Welcome to the global movement for sustainable seafood. All over the world, people are more aware than ever that what we eat has a big impact on our well-being and the environment. Our oceans now need urgent protection, with nearly 90% of the world’s assessed stocks fully fished or overfished. What started as a simple call for recipes led to an overwhelming response from a globally acclaimed line-up of chefs, many with Michelin stars to their names.

This is a clear signal from the culinary world that the job of sustaining our oceans lies with all of us. To turn that tide, change starts with each of us and the choices we make. Along with other WWF initiatives, this book connects seafood lovers all over the world and empowers them to make choices that better protect our marine resources. The best of the culinary world have collaborated with WWF to create original recipes using sustainable seafood.

This cookbook takes you on a gastronomic journey spanning oceans and continents.


  • Recipes from 27 chefs, 6 continents, 12 cultures, 7 Michelin award winners
  • Made from FSC-certified paper from responsible sources