Wolf Plush - 15cm
Wolf Plush - 15cm

Wolf Plush - 15cm

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Unlike the bear and the lynx, the wolf (Canis lupus) is returning naturally to its former Alpine territory, without the help of restocking or reintroduction efforts. The natural return of the wolf is a sign that the Alps are once again ecologically ready to support wolf populations. A favourable protection status for the wolf in the Alps also played a major role in aiding its return.
- Proceeds from your purchase contributes to WWF conservation efforts
- Made to the Blue Angel Standard ‰ÛÒ the highest certification for soft toys looking for benefits to health and the environment
- Tested for pollutants, safety and social aspects of raw material extraction and the end product
- Suitable for all ages/no moving parts
- Height: 26.5 cm
- Length: 15cm cm
- Width: 8.5 cm